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Q & A with the indoor garden(er)!!!

by dig the dirt editor

Here is a great Q & A with the indoor garden(er)!! He is growing all kinds of stuff inside....

Welcome our latest contributor The Indoor Gardn(er)!!!  Please feel free to talk with him here or at his official blog here.  He is going to be contributing his trials and tribulatuions of both indoor and outdoor gardening.  Enjoy!

When did you start gardening?

I started gardening almost before I can remember. My family wasn't huge on gardening, but as a toddler, I decided that I wanted to grow vegetables in a garden box on the patio of our townhouse. I tended and harvested carrots, cucumbers, heads of broccoli, lettuces, and all sorts of other edibles. When I was five, I daydreamed of turning my hobby into a business by bringing my two spindly carrots and a handful of tomatoes into the grocery store and selling them for a three whole dollars!

My hobby has evolved since then, and now I garden in my studio apartment, as well as some outdoor locations around Washington, DC. I enjoy using edible plants as a part of landscaping, but I also enjoy the pure aesthetics of nonedibles. I still haven't yet turned my passion for plants into a profitable venture, but blogging and volunteering at gardens is satisfying enough for me!

What is your favorite thing to grow?

This is a trick question! I have many favourite plants to grow, depending on the location and time of year. Most of them share similar characteristics, however--they grow fast, they grow huge, they are visually pleasing with variegated or otherwise interesting foliage, and they have well-known or less-well-known culinary uses. For example, some of my favourite "weeds" are chickweed, lambsquarter, wood sorrel, and garlic mustard. Yes, they are irritating when you're cultivating a garden or if you want to preserve native biodiversity, but they're also good in salads, pizzas, pestos, and many other dishes (and eating them helps keep them under control!). I have recently become a fan of all things Cryptanthus for my indoor garden, as well as my stand-bys, which include Pandanus veitchii, Philodendron bipinnatifidum, and Ornithogalum caudatum.

Where can we find your blog and what is it about?

My blog is The Indoor Garden(er), I usually blog about gardening, of course, and usually that's indoor gardening, but I also blog about adventures in cooking and volunteering in various capacities in the Washington, DC, community.

What are the best plants in your opinion to grow indoors?

The best plants to grow indoors, in my opinion, are the plants that end up surviving in your home. Each person has a different level of attention and different care habits, so finding the plant that matches best with your idea of what "houseplant care" is will allow that plant to thrive. For a busy individual who can't be bothered to water something frequently but has a very bright south-facing window, a cactus or other succulent plant would be a good bet. For an obsessive-compulsive, I-show-my-love-with-excess-waterings gardener with time on his hands and lots of space, Alternanthera dentata or Philodendron bipinnatifidum could be good additions to a dwelling. There are so many plants available, however, and it can be important to be willing to kill a few plants to find one that works!



I think growing various types of hydroponic lettuce indoors is the most fun. It's easy to do and who wouldn't want to be able to walk over and pick a fresh, organic salad at any time of the day or night?
The Big Tomato commented on 01/26/11
so happy to have you here! I know NOTHING about indoor gardening and find it pretty fascinating... so I am excited to hear all about your experiences :) <br/> <br/>Thank you!
FigTree commented on 12/09/10