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Amaryllis | reviving your amaryllis bulb

by dig the dirt editor

Amaryllis bulbs should be able to re-bloom after a dormant period. Follow these directions so you don't have to buy amaryllis bulbs every year.

Amaryllis |  reviving you amaryllis bulb: Begin awakening your amaryllis bulb from its rest six to eight weeks before you want it to bloom again. Gently remove the top inch of soil with a spoon and replace it with fresh potting soil. Then water the plant well and fertilize. Follow the same schedule of care as last year to bring the plant into bloom and through the summer again.

  • An amaryllis may refuse to bloom again if its roots have been disturbed too often, so don’t repot unless the bulb looks really crowded (once every three or four years is usually enough). You’ll disrupt the plant least if you repot it at the start of the revival, or new-growth period.


  • Occasionally, miniature plants (called "pups") appear around the mother bulb. If you want a clump of amaryllis in one pot, leave them be. If not, you can remove them and pot them separately at the beginning of the new-growth stage. Pups develop slowly but should bloom once they are three years old.
  • Sometimes despite your best efforts a revived amaryllis bulb sends up new leaves but no flowers. Don’t despair! If the plant seems healthy and strong, give it another chance by carrying it through another growing season—it may just need more time to gather the strength to rebloom.


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
I have an Amaryllis. It bloomed last December(2010), but since then, all it has done it produce leaves. The leaves have started &quot;dying&quot; off now, and there is only one left now. Is there any way I can &quot;revive&quot; this plant, and if so, how do I go about doing it?
masterofdeskies commented on 01/15/12
Try storing it in a cool, dark space for a couple of months... then replant and put in a sunny window; water and see if comes back!
chief cultivator replied: on 01/22/12