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amaryllis | storing your amaryllis bulb

by dig the dirt editor

Storing your amaryllis bulbs is an important step in the process of growing and blooming amaryllis plants. Make sure that you have a cool dry place to store your bulbs while they are dormant.


  • To some extent, each amaryllis bulb seems to set its own timetable for going dormant and then reblooming.
  • when foliage begins to turn yellow and die back by late August (sometimes later, sometimes earlier), this is the signal of the beginning of the plant’s dormant stage.
  • When this happens, stop watering and fertilizing. If you had set the pot outside over spring and summer, lay it on its side so that rain won’t moisten the soil, and bring it in before the first hard frost.
  • Cut off the dead foliage and store the bulb, still in its pot, in a dark, cool (about 55 degrees F [13 degrees C] ) spot such as a basement for about two months.



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