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Can you find the orb?

by FigTree

Under a shady tree
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There is something so awesome and sneaky about an orb in a garden.

I mean, who came up with this orb in the garden thing?  Don't ask me, but I absolutely love them.  To me, the more the better!  I love them in all sizes and colors just scattered around a garden or patio, and especially when they are a little hidden and it is a mini surprise.  To me the orb always makes me look twice and it says a lot about the person who placed it there.


Orbs, gardens, garden ornaments


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Well, a new on me, old-fashioned boy that I am, but what the #$*&amp;@, why not? So tell me, they&#x27;re made of..... What&quot;?
INGrandad commented on 10/21/09
Sometimes glass, sometimes ceramic. Old fashioned or not we still think you're garden is cool!
FigTree replied: on 10/22/09
You make them? Buy them? Find them .... where?
INGrandad replied: on 10/22/09
Hippie style and floating orbs are my favorite!
Lily commented on 10/08/09
Don&#x27;t you think a big colorful round random thing in your garden is just super funny? Or am the only one laughing?
FigTree commented on 10/03/09
I&#x27;m intrigued...what is your orb saying about you and how can you tell? I need to know!
Lily commented on 10/01/09