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how to make newspaper pots for seedlings | video

by dig the dirt editor

Making newspaper pots to grow your seedlings is the easiest and cheapest way to get your plants started.  Newspaper pots are the perfect way to grow and even to transfer your plants, as all you have to do is open the bottom of the pot and stick the whole thing in the ground.  The newspaper will eventually disintegrate and you will have nothing left but a beautiful plant in your garden.  If you are growing vegetables this year and starting them from seed, you can try and make newspaper pots of all different sizes and shapes for transferring seedlings into larger containers as you need them.


So grab some newspaper, a can from your pantry, and some masking tape and you are ready to roll some newspaper pots.  This is also a great after school project to do with your kids!  So get your kids to help with a little gardening and you will be ready to start your seedlings!


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I love doing this and your video was a great reminder to start folding pots and get them going. Spring is almost here!
TheGardenFriend commented on 03/16/12
What a great idea !!! I had never thought of using newspaper for seedlings!! TY for sharing the tip !
Michael Malone commented on 02/05/12