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planting a tree in a container | video

by dig the dirt editor

Planting a tree in a container is good for a number of reasons.  If the tree is container bound, you can control the roots of the tree and not worry about it becoming unmanageable.  Also if you have a spot where you would like to have a tree but the soil is not right, or it is not a big enough space, you can place the tree in your favorite spot and move it whenever and where ever you want.  Planting a tree in a container is also a good idea for renters who wish to keep their trees once they have moved on to a new space, and your investment in a tree will not go to waste!



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FLYCHOOSE commented on 11/30/17
Great video. This is truly informative. I am a renter myself and I think this is the solution to my planting problem (I&#x27;d like to move my tree with me). I will certainly do this very soon.
katherinejones24 commented on 09/10/13