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Harvesting Olives

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Mediterranean Living (on one of their soggier days)

We're always trying to pretend we live in much sunnier places and our garden reflects it. This is our first season with an olive tree, and I was so psyched to see actual olives growing on it! Here's my FIRST video blog post about it!


kitcthen gardening


Cliff - that's awesome! Congrats on your first harvest! I have heard olive trees are "messy" but I am not sure what that means exactly. Has yours been hard to deal with?
gardengirl commented on 12/01/10
No, it's been pretty easy... I think the reason they're considered messy is that they drop leaves throughout the year, kind of like bamboo leaves... and, when they flower, they have a lot of droppings... but a quick sweep (I have mine on a patio in a huge container) once a week seems to do it!! I'm crossing my fingers that our cold winter won't be too much for it!
chief cultivator replied: on 12/01/10
Good to know - I will keep my fingers crossed for you too! When I visited my cousin in Gaeta, Italy, she had some olives that a neighbor had brined and they were great. Good luck with yours!
gardengirl replied: on 12/01/10