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great gifts for gardeners round up | etsy

by FigTree

I have decided to share a list of some great gifts for gardeners from Etsy, which is a website that sells things that are all handmade by REAL people! Imagine that. Now some of them may be a stretch in terms of "gardening" gifts... I am aware of this, but I just want to include it, so cut me some slack. Hope you like it!



I am doing a little Etsy round up for people that may want to give a gift to a gardener.  Being a gardener myself I love things that are hand sewn, hand dyed, or hand crafted and thought you may like it as well!  Enjoy...



Yes, my wreath obsession continues.... from Knock.Knocking. this cool color combo just lifts my mood endlessly!  I love an alternative to the typical evergreen wreath, and this fits the bill nicely.



Gadgets anyone?  What better way to protect your iPhone/iPod from getting dirty in your garden??  This cute cover-up is from "Puppy Dogs and Polka-Dots.  They have kindle cover-ups  there too...




See!  Isn't this cute?  If you like to read your Kindle in your garden this protector is a good way to avoid the dirt that goes along with that.



I really love birds, and this pretty little painting is an original oil on canvas!




...or you can always get a print.



Letterpress gardening tool cards!!!!


This notecard would be a good way to bring a little cheer into someone's day!



There is not a gardener in the world that doesn't need another scarf!



Or one of these tool necklaces!  So fun...


And while we're on the subject of jewelry these Pea Pod Earrings are beyond.



Plant markers that you can customize for your herb garden!


I haven't seen anything like these plant markers before- they would work for a container herb garden!


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I LOVE Etsy! I sell my herbal products online there and I shop for my friends and family. I even had a friend plan most of her wedding thru Etsy! Amazing artisan and crafters from all over the world. It's a wonderful way to support small, passionate businesses!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 11/08/10
Hi there SHH!! I should have included the oils and teas as they are so amazing :) Hope everything is shining brightly on your side of the world!
FigTree replied: on 11/08/10
What original ideas. Especially like the notecards and will visit the website to see what else they have.
daisy commented on 11/07/10
you will be able to spend an entire week looking at all the amazing stuff out there! Also be sure to check out Spirit Horse Herbals stuff... I have bought her oils and tea and they are AMAZING!!
FigTree replied: on 11/08/10