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The coolest DIY wreath round-up

by FigTree

Sorry, but I am just completely obsessed with wreaths right now... must be the cold weather. I have been searching for the one I want to make and here are some ideas I found from the insanely talented the bloggers of the world.




I am having heart palpitations from seeing some of the coolest DIY wreaths in the past 30 minutes.  I thought I might share some of these with you!  I am a serious lover of all things DIY and there is nothing more exciting than a wreath that you have done yourself.  All of these wreaths were done by crafters oodles more talented than I am, and the tutorial of how to make them is linked under the picture!  Hope it inspires some major crafting....



This one is a little labor intensive, but holy tissue paper!  This comes from the overwhelmingly crafty wedding blog Ruffled.  I know that it is colorful and springy, but I know I could use some bright pink in my life in this gray Seattle weather.


Are you a yarniac (yarn + maniac= yarniac)?  This fun pom pom wreath comes from BLUEBIRD blog.


O.K. I am bringing it around to gardening a little bit now.  Just by gathering a bunch of sticks, this organic twig wreath was made by The Painted Hive!  Cheap and easy...


plastic bag wreath???   Save the planet and craft??? Yep it can be done and looks pretty festive too!  Thanks to Design Spnge for featuring this one for all of us recycling crafters.


This wreath made out of book pages is so intensely cool, I feel lightheaded.  I know it has been plastered all over the blog world, but I just can't help but worship it here.  Made by Living with Lindsay blog.


If you're a major crafter I am sure you have buckets of felted balls hiding in your closet... here is what you can do with them thanks to the tutorial from Pickles.


If you're feeling super-girly you can always light up some doilies like Becoming Lola did! I am ready to do my very own wreath!  Will share when I am finished.....


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