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Holiday decorating | cool wreath round-up

by FigTree

I'm always looking for something a little different to hang on my door for the holidays and if you're like me and like to think beyond the typical evergreen wreath, one of these may be the perfect fit!


Holiday Decortaing | Cool Wreath Round-Up



For those of you with a sweet tooth and a DIY spirit, cute and sassy Cheryl from the blog "a pretty cool life" shows you how make your own here! 


Feeling the power of the succulent?  Try this one either on your wall or as a table decoration with candles inside!  Or make your own like she does.  Thanks again Martha!


For a yummy smelling wreath, this one from Organic Bouquet will get your nose in the mood!


Live by the sea?  Gotta love a wreath with starfish!


Spice up the holidays with some red hot madness!


If you can't get enough modern coolness, this one is for you!


And finally, my personal favorite... peace out and Happy Holidays!


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If you can find enough pine cones the wreaths sell for quite a bit too! Fun and money. Can't beat that :)
MRS.D commented on 11/04/10
Love the cayenne wreath! I love making wreaths. Send the grandkids out to pick up pine cones from the yard or go to a park with the kids and some bags and collect a bunch. A piece of scrap paneling cut into a donut, and a tube of liquid nail. Glue the pine cones to the paneling piece, add flocking, ribbon, or whatever else you want and hang.
MRS.D commented on 11/02/10
OOOOH! Yes... very good idea about the pine cones and doing a little home crafting! Nothing more satisfying than making something yourself. Thanks for the big ideas Mrs. D!!!
FigTree replied: on 11/03/10