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Simple decorations for the holidays

by dig the dirt editor

Bring your love of gardening to the table this season!



forest centerpiece

  • Capture the spirit of an outdoor pine forest with a wire basket and small terra cotta pots planted with Norfolk Island pines.  A wire basket and pots filled with the foliage of the season turns any tabletop into a garden of delights.
  • After the holidays plant the pots with herbs for a tableside snipping garden or flowering houseplants such as African violets to move from room to room, wherever you need a dose of color.
  • Best of all, you can tote the whole thing to the sink for a good drench. Come spring, you can fill the pots with flowering annuals such as pansies or violas for an Easter basket of color.



gathering basket

  • A rectangular wire basket is shown here with a harvest of bright ornaments,  and is also a great choice for displaying shiny apples and oranges, pomegranates and star fruit, or a bag of sweet walnuts (drape a napkin inside the basket to use as a cookie server).
  • Dressed up for the holidays with ribbons and bows, or swinging over your arm as you head to the garden for fresh herbs and tomatoes, a simple wire basket will serve your needs in all seasons.
  • Or, in the spring line the basket with moss and plant with a colorful collection of small annual flowers like pansy, sweet alyssum, miniature petunia, impatiens, or verbena.


ivy trees

  • Ivy topiaries are in season all the time, but this cone-shaped ivy with red candles (on the left), is clearly decked out for the holidays. Or try a 'Glacier' ivy cone top right, with red holiday ribbons. Its green and white foliage is an extra bonus of color.




holiday decorating