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How to Build a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed on a Hillside

by dig the dirt editor

Building a raised vegetable garden bed is one of the most satisfying gardening experiences for the average backyard vegetable gardener, but if you do not have a flat area in your yard, you can still build a raised bed! If you are just starting out your first vegetable garden, raised beds are a good way to understand soil type, drainage, and helps to make sure that you have everything in place before you plant.  Raised vegetable beds makes it easy to organize your plans for your vegetable garden, as it creates a space that you can control easily.  

There are all kind of different methods you can use when planning your vegetable bed for planting such as the SQUARE FOOT GARDENING method created by Mel Bartholemew, which has been tested by thousands of gardeners all around the world with great success.  Or is you are more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of gardener, a raised bed is the best place for experimenting with different combinations of vegetable plants to see what works best together!

Let us know about your own gardening efforts and share your experiences, pictures and stories so we can all learn a little more about gardening!

To a print out directions on HOW TO BUILD A RAISED VEGETABLE GARDEN BED  click here!


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very good tutorial :)
Cassels commented on 01/07/18
i can't get the video to play. I too am building a garden on a hill side.
margot723 commented on 03/07/12