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How is fresh cut basil stored.

by Florida Backyard Vegetable Gardener

I want to sell fresh basil at the farmers market with my other stuff.  I tried it in bags with holes in the frig., but it turned brown and soggy.  I tried itin the bag on the counter I have the air at 77degrees, and it wilted.  Any suggestions?  Thanks, love to hear anything, I have a ton and people are always asking for it but I want it to stay fresh.


Basil, storing


When I sell my basil for market I transport and store it in a cooler. It has tender leaves and will dehydrate and wilt fast as you are noticing! I cut my stems, bunch them up and rubber band the bottom. I place the bunches (no bag on them) in my cooler which does not have ice, but ice PACKS at the bottom. <br/> <br/>As suggested below, if you are just storing for yourself you can put them stems in water and that will keep the leaves hydrated or you can wrap your bundle in a cool/wet paper towel and place in the fridge. <br/> <br/>You can also search the web for &quot;growing basil for market&quot; and you will probably come up with a lot of tips, too, from full-time farmers! <br/> <br/>Enjoy~Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 10/26/10
Thanks for responding. That sounds like a great idea. I did find if I have to pick it the morn. before and bunch it and keep it in a container of water it stays great then I can put it in the cooler for market day. Desiree'
Place the basil in a vase/container with water. It&#x27;s amazing how long this lasts on my windowsill!
cindysv commented on 10/26/10
I did that last night and it looked even better in the morning! Thanks. Desiree'