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kid's gardening | watch how bulbs grow!

by dig the dirt editor

Forcing bulbs is perfect for all ages and for all levels of gardening experience-forcing bulbs is one way to grow a no-fail flower garden in the classroom or at your home. This is a perfect winter time project for kids to see the magic of watching a bulb turn into a flower! <br/>

Get your kids into gardening with this easy to do project.  Watching a bulb grow for a kids of all ages can get them excited about gardening and you can even incorporate some math and reading into this project!  When bulbs are grown indoors just make sure that you put it in a sunny spot, and keep it watered and fertilized for maximum results.  You can use amaryllis bulbs and start them in early November for a little holiday bloom!


  • Figure out the size of the bulb and what size containerit would fit in if there was an inch on each side of the container with the bulb in the center.
  • Have them take a guess at how tall the flower will grow before it blooms.
  • Have them measure the growth of the plant every week and compare notes on the average growth per week.




Planting your bulbs:


  • Choose glass containers to force your bulbs so you can watch roots grow.
  • Use jars, forcing vases, bowls-anything that can hold bulbs and water.
  • Bulbs need to be elevated in the container so their roots have room to grow. Use seashells, Black Polished Stones, pea gravel, or marbles to support bulbs.



  • As shoots emerge, move bulbs into bright, indirect sunlight.
  • Make sure water is covering plant roots at all times.
  • Control growth with temperature: Moving containers to a warm room speeds up growth; a cool area slows growth.



  • When flower buds emerge, move containers into bright light.
  • As buds start to show color, move bulbs out of strong sunlight and wait for the show to begin. Shazam!



forcing bulbs, kid gardening project!


Great Idea!! I have an old aquarium that would be great for this. The grandkids will love it! Thanks
MRS.D commented on 10/19/10