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Does anyone use vermiculture to get worm castings for your gardens?

by Phillip Clark (photoclark)

I am loking to start a couple of vermiculture beds to get worm casting and "liquid gold" for my plants. Looking for anyone who has used this technique and can lend a few tips.



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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Katie: we started a worm bin in our basement just a couple of months ago and are hoping to have some nice castings to add in to the veggies in the spring. It is worth it to us especially since it is in addition to regular compost and my 4 year old is having a wonderful time with it. <br/> <br/>Matt: I am a HUGE fan of worm castings as a soil amendment. Nothing else does as much for healthy soil biology. Your plants will love you for it. <br/> <br/>Melony: been vermiposting for years....great way to use those kitchen vegetable scraps over the winter months....I use worm castings mixed with orchid bark for my orchids and they love it....use worm castings anytime I am putting something into the dirt or into a flower pot...leaves, stale bread and eggshells also work great especially when mixed with shredded paper and coffee grounds. <br/> <br/>Rebecca: just watched this video- love this idea! <br/>;feature=related
dig the dirt editor commented on 10/18/10
We just built a worm bin at the learning gardens at the school that we just built... seems to be working out great! I would definitely go for it...
FigTree commented on 10/18/10
I haven&#x27;t started them yet. I am still building my third greenhouse.... i thought about buying a kit online, but still think it is easier (and cheaper) to build it myself. I will shoot some photos and document the process.
photoclark commented on 10/15/10
I have never used it myself but making the box was covered in my Master Gardener class. One of the students just started her own. It looked pretty easy to do. Have you put anything together yet?
gardengirl commented on 10/15/10