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A few shots of butterflies and bees on my plants.

by photoclark

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Hello. Hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.




flowers, butterflies, bees


Hi everyone, I started a flower garden this year and am looking for ideas on what to do next with it. My goal is to add some height to the background and also attract hummingbirds and butterflies... without attracting any more bees than I already have. Can anyone suggest something?
katherinejones24 commented on 10/03/13
Oh your photos are awesome!! I love the one with the butterfly and the bee coming in. What timing you had! Can't wait to see more :)
gardengirl commented on 10/15/10
Thanks for you comments. As a photographer, I have embraced the gardening side of me to bring in the creatures. I have three greenhouses and 8 acres to landscape. Perinnials and easy annuals are a must. I have been lucky in the aspect that I find a lot of plants people are throwing away and find the sale plants at the home improvement stores and I deadhead others flowers that allow me to.... I will get some images of the ferns and tropicals that have been passed on to me later.
photoclark commented on 10/15/10
Great Pictures!
MRS.D commented on 10/15/10
so beautiful! thank you for sharing these! I love the picture- white on white... so cool!
FigTree commented on 10/14/10
What a GREAT collection of photos Philip! Really beautiful; thank you so much for sharing these on the site. More please :-). <br/>
chief cultivator commented on 10/14/10