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My Cottage Garden

by Anna Looper (Flowergardengirl)

Craftsman Mahogany 9 lite Door and Home

My garden is a mess with a purpose. I prefer the cottage style because I buy plants and then decide where to put them.

This is a cottage garden full of annuals for the wow affect and good hard working perennials for the stability. I prefer coneflowers, phlox, roses, daisies, sunflowers, and the such. Supertunias give me lots of pop with their bold colors and lasting contribution. They make good fill plants and will provide season long entertainment. 

I designed my craftsman/cottage home using Better Homes and Gardens software programs. The design was inspired by the craftsman homes I grew up seeing in my grandmother's neighborhood. The inside is craftsman, cottage, and Moravian. The Moravians use lots of arches over their doorways. It is a symbol of the bonnet which is a protector from the elements. Those designs appear often in my Piedmont NC location. I'm just a bit west of the Appalachian foothills right off Interstate 40. 

There is a good deal of stone both inside and out. Very large porches front and back for entertaining. Three sets of French doors across the back open to a screened porch. Just moved in April of 2008. So much still do in the gardens. 


craftsman style, cottage style, Moravian decorating, coneflower


Did you design this garden? It is so beautiful- and your house looks amazing as well. The stonework is my favorite part! It adds so much to a house when it is done right.
butterfly commented on 03/19/10
Your place looks absolutely gorgeous! Your garden photos are beautiful, I am sure the real thing must be heavenly! I am so coveting your garden - we&#x27;ve had a really rough go of it for 3 years in Central Texas with an incredible drought. It makes me want to give up! <br/>I checked out your blog and loved it. Glad you are here with us!<br/>
gardengirl commented on 09/29/09