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bought an Invincibelle today

by Aleida

My local garden center had several Invincibelle Hydrangeas so I bought one. They said they don't guarantee because people don't do well with them around here (Michigan.) Any suggestions? Lots of mulch I think, and what about watering from now until winter?



How do you feel about using leaves to mulch?
Aleida commented on 10/11/10
Hmmm... sounds like it might be a little cold?? But my mom does really well with them and she is in Boston, so I think it should work out fine! Yes mulch is always a good thing. Hopefully it won't be too rough of a winter and it will be in full force next summer!
FigTree commented on 10/07/10
Thank you. It's my 1st fall/winter here and it was kind of a big investment. I've chosen a flower for each of my children but since I've moved so much, it's entirely possible I'll need to buy them once a year for a bouquet from a florist. Oldest, tiger lily, next, yellow rose, last (?) hydrangea.
Aleida replied: on 10/08/10