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edging and/or containing ideas?

by Aleida

My hubby dug in a nice fire pit last week and put the dirt along the back of the garage. So, I have a new bed to mess with. I have previously trenched along my beds because it makes it easy to mow the grass and keeps a good seperation. The one side of the bed slopes away pretty sharply so I want to do something (cheap!) to sort of contain the whole bed.


edging, containing


Here are some more messages! <br/> <br/>I trench and pull. I also put some sort of edging such as stone or the ugly plastic rim (for new beds getting established...I don&#x27;t keep it longer than a year usually). Regardless, I always end up pulling. <br/> <br/>Make a Trench so the run off water has some where to go! Also mulch your bed really good an you will not have weeds!!!!!!!!!
dig the dirt editor commented on 10/06/10
I have used dry stacked rock also, and it really does help a lot. Another thing I am trying is to lay down a thick (2 inches) layer of newspaper down on the ground and then cover it in wood chips, mulch or gravel. I have heard this does the trick!
FigTree commented on 10/05/10
I have used edging material before, but grass still gets in. I like using dry stacked rock as an edge as well. Would that work for your area?
gardengirl commented on 10/05/10