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If you could have one gardening tool, what would it be?

by dig the dirt editor

Come on and share... we want to know what your favorite gardening tool is!Img_0155.detail


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My beat up old golf cart. I need it to get around my two and a half acres.I keep various tools on it and cart my dogs and any plants that need planted. It is also has a wagon great for larger loads and hayrides with grandkids!
blondeponder commented on 05/04/10
that sounds like fun! wish I had that much land to cruise around on...
dig the dirt editor replied: on 05/11/10
my hori hori digging tool! <br/>
birdfarm commented on 03/05/10
what is a hori hori digging tool?
dig the dirt editor replied: on 03/18/10
Gloves! I am addicted. Cloth, leather, rubber...there are different gloves for different occasions and the right tool for the job is priceless.
PurpleSage commented on 02/08/10
I have to choose just one? =) That just one has a short handle (I think the longer handle would be better) and looks like three fingers. It is great for loosening the dirt for weeding. If only my veggies grew as prolifically as the weeds!
Ward House commented on 02/03/10
I have two - one is a pair of clippers that are smaller than the average ones. I like them because they fit in my small hand! The other tool I love is a weeding tool - don&#x27;t know the official name of it, but it&#x27;s about 6 inches long plus the handle, strong straight metal and the tip is split (like a snake&#x27;s tongue.) Great for popping out dandelions!
gardengirl commented on 12/16/09
I must have my pruners!!! My favorite is an old all-metal pair that I purchased for $.50 at a garage sale a couple of years ago...the best pair I&#x27;ve ever owned! Can&#x27;t live without them. I carry them with me on my daily garden inspections...a little snip here, a little tweek there...! Especially in the tropics...things grow too fast to be without!
Lily commented on 12/15/09
The Perennial Planter... got it many years ago, and it&#x27;s a lot like Daylilyjoy&#x27;s favorite. 2&#x27; handle, spade about 6 inches across... awesome for dividing plants, but I use it just as often as a way to dig a hole to plant.
chief cultivator commented on 12/15/09
Thanks, Chief. I didn't know the name of my special tool, so I tried to describe it. Didn't even know it was made specially for dividing perennials, but I've used it for that a gazillion times...just did on Sunday, actually...divided a couple of daylilies and my amaryllis. But my husband got out the big shovel to divide the Queen Emma crinums. They are so enormous now! One of them has a trunk diameter of eight inches!
Daylilyjoy replied: on 12/15/09
I dig the cobra head for weeding. The long one is amazing but I like the short one better! <br/> <br/>
FigTree commented on 12/15/09
There is a tool that I cannot live without...a half-sized spade with a two-foot handle. I&#x27;ve had it forever, and it looks worse for the wear, but I love it! It&#x27;s lightweight, easy to carry (has a loop-grip), much stronger than a hand-spade (which I am prone to break), and easy to get in between tight plantings.
Daylilyjoy commented on 12/14/09