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A Green Manifesto

by dig the dirt editor

Another great article on veggies and recipes from your garden from Renee's Garden!




by: Renee Shepherd at Renee's Garden


Cooking with a basket of just-picked sweet peppers and chiles in a rainbow of hues is a feast for all the senses. A big bouquet of fragrant basil or aromatic fresh dill still smelling like the sun is pure bliss. The process of cooking with the fruits of one's own labor adds another dimension to creating good meals. Even if you have only a small garden of your own, supermarkets all over the country have expanded their produce sections remarkably in the last decade, and the welcome advent of local farmers markets has greatly increased every cook's access to a wide range of freshly picked ingredients.



Explore the world of food

Americans have come of age in the last decade when it comes to good food, enriching our lives with the food choices of our tremendous geographical and ethnic diversity. We relish our own regional dishes and explore the influences and ingredients of the many other cultures available to us. Southwestern, Indian, Japanese, Caribbean, "Pacific Rim," Szechwan, Mexican, Thai, Vietnamese, healthy Mediterranean - all these trends of recent years, and many more, have opened up new realms of ingredients and ideas. We have become comfortable with a new sense of the "center of the plate," that is, the heightened importance and presence of vegetables, grains, and legumes in all our meals, combining healthfulness with good taste. This new focus on the quality and quantity of vegetables in cooking really comes together best in the gardener's kitchen, where we can grow an extraordinarily diverse variety of food to experiment with, learn from, and play with every day.

Taste the season 

Cooking from the garden also gives us a real sense of the seasonality of our environment as we harvest each crop at the peak of its flavor and quality. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the kitchen garden gives connection to the earth and demonstrates how we are part of natural cycles as both stewards of our environment, and its beneficiaries. For me, cooking with the fruits of my own garden labor is a very real, practical sacrament that can be practiced and celebrated each day.


Flowers to inspire the spirit

Flowers, too, are an integral part of my gardening life. Their colors and perfumes are truly food for the spirit and it is hard to imagine being without them. Besides adding lovely form, color, and fragrance, cultivating flowers from seed is a way of making the garden a personal and more comfortable home place that both revives and inspires my spirit.


Recipes from Renee's garden

Nothing tastes as succulent (and is as good for you) as produce freshly picked from garden. Here are two recipes from Renee’s garden that you can make from your own.

Try this recipe for: Mediterranean Antipasto Salad
Or this recipe for: Cherry Tomato and Herb Stir Fry 


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Beautiful message! The deep connection that working with the earth provides is eloquently expressed.
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