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Saving Nasturtium Seeds

by FigTree

nasturtiums in bloom
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Although your Nasturtiums will reseed themselves, it is always a fun thing to collect the seed pods and dry them for the next year!





Nasturtiums have to be one of my favorite plants- they are colorful, easy to grow and edible!  This year I decided to plant just a few in my garden and then collect the seed pods, dry them and then plant them in bare spots around my garden next year.



You can find the green pods on the plant as some of your blooms begin to wilt and die off.  They come in groups of three or four and are easy to find if you just brush you hand through the plant.  Nasturtiums will also reseed themselves and you may find brown seeds laying on the ground unfer the plant, but if you are looking to save the seeds for next year, I recommend grabbing them when they are still green.  Remember the bigger the better!



After you collect these pods place them on a flat surface such as a baking sheet and let them stand in a cool dark place for a week.  You will know that they are ready to be stored when you squeeze them and they are hard.  They will also be light brown in color.


Save in an airtight container for the next planting season!


saving nasturtium seeds, Nasturtiums


Thanks for the info! I love nasturtiums too.
Elena commented on 07/17/11
We live in the tropics (80 degrees all year) and I want to gather nasturtium seeds and replant them. Do I need to dry the seeds and keep them in the fridge to simulate a winter, or can I sow seeds immediately from the plant? Thanks for any info you can give me! <br/> <br/>Also, when I planted seeds from the packet, only 1 out of 15 sprouted. Is it possibly too hot here for them to germinate? Now I&#x27;m trying to sprout the last 5 inside the air-conditioned house, then I&#x27;ll transplant.
MomOfFive commented on 11/12/10
Wow- really good questions... I think that your nasturtiums should sprout even with the hot weather- when I lived in LA there were so many nasturtiums reseeding themselves it was hard to control... I am going to do a little more looking into the drying/winterizing thing :)
FigTree replied: on 11/15/10