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How do you save sunflower seeds?

by FigTree

Wanting to do it, but don't know how....

I have a ton of sunflowers this year, and would love to save some of the seeds, but have no clue how to do it..  any advice??




saving sunflower seeds, Sunflowers


Cool, I wanted to know the same thing. Your sun flowers are beautiful!
SYDrews commented on 09/03/10
Hi! If you can beat the birds, you just wait for the flower head to start to die back. Cut it off, place it in a brown paper bag and let it dry in cool, dark, dry location. You can gently work the seeds out with your fingers or they will start falling out. <br/> <br/>I&#x27;ve read that to keep the birds from eating all of the seeds you can cover the flower head with a piece of nylon or remay. <br/> <br/>Make sure the seed you are saving is from your most robust plant, that has any other desirable traits you enjoy (color, size, etc). This is how you will start creating your own, unique varieties for your garden! Additionally, if you are growing seed that is a hybrid, you will not get a &#x27;true to type&#x27; flower next year. Still will be fun to see what you get! <br/> <br/>Happy harvesting~
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 09/03/10
Yay!! Thanks for the advice and I will try it out and see what happens :)
FigTree replied: on 09/03/10