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Marian Parsley’s Recommendations for Fall Vegetables

by Stephanie Fleming (sflem1)

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By Behnke Nurseries, Marian Parsley, Seasonal Plants Buyer tells about different Fall Vegetables <br/>From Behnke GardeNews Fall 2008 Newsletter <br/> <br/>Join Behnke&#x27;s on BehnkeNurseries Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter.


Broccoli ‘Packman ‘F1 hybrid’–Early maturing hybrid; massive 8″ sage green heads. Delicious small to medium beads are densely set on domed heads. Reaches maturity in 55-57 days. Great for freezing!

*Brussels Sprouts ‘Royal Marvel’–Firm, dark green well-wrapped sprouts. Earlier Jade Cross type. Tightly wrapped sprouts tend to resist insect damage. 85 days to harvest.

*Cabbage ‘Dynamo’ Blue-green tightly wrapped heads 2-2 ½ lbs. Crunchy sweet flavor. Low fat, low calorie food when eaten raw. Perfect for small space gardening. Reaches maturity in 70 days. All America Selections Winner.

*Cabbage ‘Ruby Perfection’ F1 hybrid-Beautiful 4 lb. red cabbage. Crisp and flavorful. High Yielding. Red color enhances any salad or cole slaw. Reaches maturity in 85 days.

*Cauliflower ‘Snow Crown’ F1 hybrid–Pure white, fully domed curds on a head that is 7″- 8″ across. Mild and sweet; vigorous grower. Reaches maturity in 50 days.

*NEW!!! Cauliflower ‘Cheddar’ F1 hybrid–Beautiful orange dome-shaped heads. Offers 25% more beta carotene than standard white types. Color holds even when cooked. Sure to create a stir at the dinner table. Reaches maturity in 68 days.

*Lettuce ‘Bistro Blend’–Gourmet salad blend; exotic leaf shapes and textures. 60-65 days to harvest.

*Lettuce ‘Buttercrunch’–Luscious, buttery texture. Soft heads are creamy yellow inside. Compact heads with some heat resistance. 50-55 days to harvest. Bibb type.

*Lettuce ‘Red Sails’ Early, red fancy leaf lettuce, a salad lover’s dream. Bronzy-red leaves taste as good as they look. 45 days to harvest. Looseleaf type.

*Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’ Unique yellow, gold, orange, pink, violet, green and striped stems create a beautiful display in the garden. Tender, flavorful burgundy and green leaves. All America Selections Winner. Reaches maturity in 60 days.


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I&#x27;d love to try that Cauliflower - I had an light orange one before from a farmers market around here and it was awesome!! I have planted the Swiss Chard &#x27;Bright Lights&#x27; before and Buttercrunch is one of my favorites! All your selections make me want to start planning my own fall garden!
gardengirl commented on 09/03/10
thanks for this-- getting ready to start my fall planting!
FigTree commented on 08/29/10
Great list! Fall feels like it&#x27;s coming on fast here in Seattle, so it&#x27;s time to plant! Thanks...
chief cultivator commented on 08/29/10