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Going Bananas in Seattle

by Cliff Sharples (chief cultivator)

Flower and bananas on cold hearty banana
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After 4 years of babying a small grove of banana trees, the fruit of my labor has appeared!


Musa Basjoo, we thank you!

Our tropical vision is complete... this summer two of our banana trees flowered, and one of them actually produced a bunch of bananas! Sure you'd have to be an oompa loompa to be able to peel them, but hey, we have bananas in our Upper Left garden!

If you've been to our courtyard garden, the dominant feature (in summer and fall) is the grove of cold-hearty banana trees near our front door. They have thrived in this spot for 4 years, benefitting from an accidental placement next to the laundry dryer vent. With 5 children, laundry is constantly going, which means these plants get nice warm, moist air all year long!

These ideal conditions have pushed these plants to about 15 feet high this season. Given that it has been one of the coldest summers on record here in the Seattle area, where my tomatoes and eggplants have performed well below their potential, these micro-bananas provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. It will certainly make the annual chore of wrapping and protecting these beautiful plants for the winter a little easier this year!







Bananas, musa bajoo, tropical, Pacific Northwest, seattle gardening


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Congrats on the bananas! I hope they are wonderful!
gardengirl commented on 08/27/10