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Pepper plant disease?

by Barb

My pepper plants new growth is small and deformed, any ideas?


Peppers, vegetables


most likely is feeding damage by thrips (very small, slender insects) that also transmit tospovirus disease, to which pepper plants (and other solanaceous plants) are very susceptible and respond with leaf damage and stunting, sometimes concentric rings on leaves and fruits. No cure for it, alas...
infundibuliformis commented on 08/10/10
Thanks for your response, i was thinking it was thrips, though I haven't been able to see them, I pulled them all out and will be buying peppers from the local farmer this year - everything else is growing great though!
Barb replied: on 08/10/10
Can&#x27;t tell from the picture- are there any bugs invading the plant?? If not it could be inadequate fertilization, but more likely there is a bug that is causing an illness to the plant. <br/> <br/>Take a look and see if there are any strange looking bugs around the pepper plant..
FigTree commented on 08/04/10