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RE: delayed autumn color in central Texas

by cajunbarry

Hydrangea quercifolia winter color

Oak leaf hydrangea red fall color


Photo.detailOak leaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia) in full autumn glory after a cold snap, December 9, 2009



hydrangea, native, quercifolia, oak leaf, deciduous shrub


Totally cool leaf! The red color is amazing... How big does this maple get, and how fast does it grow?
chief cultivator commented on 12/15/09
This is a hydrangea, not a maple. It has huge white flower clusters in summer. The fall color was not reliable in my Atlanta garden. I've seen them grow to six feet and taller up in Georgia and the Carolinas. Gorgeous specimen plant!
Daylilyjoy replied: on 12/15/09
Of course!! I think I knew that, but it reminded me of the color of a maple tree in Maine we had growing up, and my age-challenged mind went on to a maple track!! Thanks for the catch!
chief cultivator replied: on 12/15/09
I know the feeling..... Anyway, I always thought it should have been named the "mapleleaf hydrangea." I personally have never seen an oak tree with such leaves in my life! Maybe oaks look different up north????????
Daylilyjoy replied: on 12/15/09
Awesome fall color! I grew oakleafs in my Atlanta garden and love them!
Daylilyjoy commented on 12/12/09
That is beautiful! Our autumn color this year in Central Texas has really been lovely.
gardengirl commented on 12/12/09
NICE!!! I love the color!!!
Lily commented on 12/11/09