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Tips on flower arranging with Hydrangeas

by dig the dirt editor

Hydrangeas are some of the most beautiful flowering shrubs that come alive with their bright blue blooms all summer long. Using hydrangeas in flower arrangements is easy, versatile, and so rewarding.


Tips on Flower Arranging with Hydrangeas

Create beautiful arrangements easily with these big blooms and take these easy steps to make your arrangements last longer!


  • Cut your hydrangeas with a sharp pair of scissors
  • Using a bucket of cold water place them in the bucket immediately
  • Boil 2 cups of water and recut the stem on an angle and dip the end of the stem into the boiling water for 30 seconds.
  • Place your flowers back into the cold water all the way up to the bloom and let them sit for 5 hours before arranging.
  • Use the top couple of leaves as a filler but be sure NOT to put any leaves in the foam or water or they will rot and will ruin the flowers.




These arrangements were done using floral foam for fresh flowers.  Make sure to soak the foam well before placing blooms in the flower vase, or in this case large margarita glasses!



The bright blue asian pattern on this vase complitments the color of the hydrangea blooms.





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Beautiful! Why do you need to put them in the hot water? How curious!
gardengirl commented on 07/15/10