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Interesting Jam and Jelly!

by Ama Perry-Burns

Aw.. today has been very busy.  We, my mother and I, have been busy making jam and jelly for our home and to sell at the local farmer market.  We made some tried and true recipes and experimented with a few new.

One tried and true that we made was blackberry jam.  We love blackberries and use the jam for everything from pie and cobbler filling to eating on toast and ice cream.  We use wild blackberries that we have picked at the beginning of the summer.

Today is the first day that we have made jelly.  It is usually a waste of good fruit (in my opinion), but we didn't waste any fruit, Yeah!. :)  We made mint jelly (using 3 different types of mint that we have growing), blackberry jelly (from excess juice when the berries were thawing out), watermelon jam, and lemon balm with basil jelly.  All of these turned out WONDERFUL!  They taste so good. 

Has anyone ever made watermelon jam before?  This was our first time and it turned out kinda runny and is not wanting to set-up like everything else. Mom said it might take a while like orange marmalade does.  We shall see.  We are going to make more but use liquid pectin the next time instead of powdered pectin.

Also, if any of you have any good jam or jelly recipes, please pass them on. We are always looking for new recipes to try.  Have fun!


Mint Jelly


Blackberry Jelly and watermelon jam


Lemon Balm and Basil Jelly


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I was going to ask for the lemon balm and basil recipe too - sounds interesting!
gardengirl commented on 07/15/10
Sounds so cool! Do you have the recipe for the lemon balm and mint jelly? I would love to try and make the mint jelly with my chocolate mint-- I have a LOT of it!
FigTree commented on 07/13/10
For the mint jelly. We used the recipe that is in the box of SureJell pectin. The lemon balm and basil jelly is a work in progress. It is a modified recipe. You will have to let me know how it turns out. Chocolate mint is not available in our area.
Ama Perry-Burns replied: on 07/13/10
I should just send you some of mine- it takes OVER! Thanks for the information and I will let you know how it turns out.
FigTree replied: on 07/13/10