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The Ponytail Palm for indoors

by FigTree

A great idea for these winter months is to bring some green indoors.

The Pony Tail Palm, or Bottle Palm is a great houseplant because of its shape and tolerance to colder temperatures.  This tree-like plant, whose origins are from mexico is swollen at the bottom of its trunk and wildly sculptural at the top.


It can tolerate:

  • up to 41 degree F
  • dryness for a month in cooler temperatures
  • drafts
  • dry air


  • Water regularly from spring to fall, and feed with low-nitrogen fertilzer
  • Water sparingly in cooler teperatures
  • Full sun to filtered sun
  • Will tolerate a shady area for a bit of time.
  • Needs to be repotted every 3 years.



ponytail palm, indoor plants


I have one! It is an absolutely gorgeous plant & low maintenance. I must get MORE! Thank u for the info.
Hibiscusgirl commented on 01/27/10
So cool! I just saw one of these near my house and wouldn&#x27;t have known what it was except for seeing it on DTD! <br/>
gardengirl commented on 12/12/09
This wonderful little tree can actually grow tall (I&#x27;ve seen it up to 20 feet outside in the tropics). It grows tall and skinny so it&#x27;s great for smaller spaces, but can become crazy...check out my post of Neighborhood favorite specimen is displayed there! I have 5 of these wonderful cool!
Lily commented on 12/11/09
BTW...I hope I didn't scare anyone experience with these wonderful crazy- haired trees is that they make wonderful container plants, lasting a long time in one container. Your photo looks like a bonsai version...that would be fun to try!!
Lily replied: on 12/14/09
OMG- I just came from IKEA and guess what they had??? Ponytail Palm Bonsai Trees!! I almost died right there- it was like IKEA read my post :)
FigTree replied: on 12/15/09
Did you get one?!?!?!?!?
Lily replied: on 12/15/09