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The Hunt for Corn Earworms

by James Monds (jmmonds)

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I took great satisfaction in picking the ear worms out of my sweet corn and feeding them to the chickens. I did not desire using chemicals and these creatures were on a path to total destruction. I simply use a long skinny pair of needle nose pliers to reach deep inside the folds and pluck the tasty little snacks for the chickens. Call me sadistic, but I derived some form of "pleasure" from stalking, catching, and then feeding these ear worms.



I understand! I feel the same way about getting rid of critters eating my garden.
gardengirl commented on 07/15/10
It is weird when you get all excited to kill a bug or catch a slug... wonder what that makes us..? <br/> <br/>But you should feel good about it as you get to give those chickens a major treat!
FigTree commented on 07/12/10