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Has anyone done anything with humanure ?

by wannabeefarmer

I've been doing some research on the use of Humanure in organic gardening. It seems that there is almost as much controversy as the raw milk debate.Anyone have any feedback from personal experience?

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these guys look like they have some great answers about it: <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>What&#x27;s the raw milk debate about?
FigTree commented on 07/07/10
Thanks Fig tree, I've read it and it makes total sense to me .In MA it's against the law to use humanure on crops (as well as most everything else).The book has me looking for more info so that I can make up my own mind. I recently met some folks that drink raw milk from organicly raised grass fed cows. They touted the health benefits and shared their experience so it peaked my interest and i began researching it. There are polar opinions about it's use. The FDA is totally against it , but I feel their arguement actually supports the use instead of diswading me. The stats they use are from two centuries ago when sanitation was nonexistent and the farm was a filthy place where pork had to be cooked to the point of ruining it just to make it safe to eat. I read the stats and it seems to me that pastuerized milk has at least as much risk as raw milk (almost nil)but not nearly the benefit. If I die i'll let everyone know I was wrong.
wannabeefarmer replied: on 07/07/10
There is a raw milk movement here in Austin. I haven't tried it but have friends who have. Perhaps a happy medium for the time being is Low Temp pasteurized milk. I can get it at the farmer's market. Tastes great and makes great cheese.
gardengirl replied: on 07/09/10