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Thyme in the garden

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Thyme in Bloom

What thyme has done for us as a lawn replacement.

We have been steadily converting our grass, ivy and holly covered yard into a garden wonderland over the past 18 months. One of the first things we did was to remove all of the established sod that had been laid some unknown number of years ago. Most of this area was turned into vegetable garden, but we did still want some unused space on which to walk or sit or generally loiter as we liked. So over a 12x12 foot space we placed several different "steppable" varieties of thyme, as well as a few other similar plants. This year the thyme has expanded by more than 500% and is a wonderful attraction for the passing pollenators, bees and flies alike. For a very small monetary investment we have a wonderful relaxing and productive space in our front yard that requires minimal watering and maintenance. Plus, whenever these fluffy little plants are disturbed they fill the yard with fragrances of lemon and thyme. We recommend this method to anyone out there who is sick of mowing but wants someplace to just lay or sit and enjoy the ambience of their vegetable or flower garden.


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How does this area look in the winter? I've strongly considered replacing my front lawn (already tackled the back lawn) and considered a variety of thyme, but worry about winter.
TheGardenFriend commented on 03/16/12
I love it! Another lovely plant to consider for a 'lawn' is chamomile, specifically the perennial which is a creeper. The annual grows up to three feet, but the perennial has been used in the U.K. as a lawn and a 'calming' place to rest and relax!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 06/20/10
What an awesome idea!
gardengirl commented on 06/19/10
I am loving this! So many people ask what they can do to replace their lawn, and since I don't have one, I don't know what to tell them! This is a great alternative and in my opinion looks better than grass :)
FigTree commented on 06/18/10