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Millet advice?

by Egghead

Dorky and Cocoa

Can anyone adivise on growing, harvesting, and storing millet -- to feed my chickens? I've planted 600 sq.ft. of millet + milo wild bird seed in mostly sun, slightly alkaline sand soil, very well drained, Zone 10 inland south Florida, no irrigation, lots of heat and humidity, usually ample rain through the summer. This is grassland country.


chickens, millet, grain, Grass


Thanks, I was not aware of need to refrigerate the grain after a month. Perhaps just laid loosely, indoors in air conditioning would be sufficient. My plan is to cut the stems long, then hang in bundles them from the roof of the chicken coop and let the girls feed at will. Though not the whole crop at once ... could lose it to rats quicker than the girls could consume it. <br/> <br/>90 day harvest puts it in the height of hurricane season. Rain will be the issue -- we have torrential thunderstorms, but they pass quickly. My small test patch (near the beach in better soil) just sat there during the dry but otherwise prime winter growing season, until it got some good rain, then leaped from the ground and matured quickly. <br/> <br/>Dorky and Cocoa thank you for the compliment! They are sweetie pies who contribute great poop for the garden and fruit trees.
Egghead commented on 06/17/10
60-90 days to maturity- harvest when the grasses turn a golden yellow brown... <br/> <br/>To store it- air-tight container for a month, but if you need to store it for longer it should be refrigerated. <br/> <br/>Is this helpful...?
FigTree commented on 06/17/10
from what I know about it- seems like you have the perfect weather and soil to grow millet- it does just fine in badly fertilized, hot, dry conditions as long as the soil drains well. It is best if it doesn&#x27;t rain too much though! <br/> <br/>BTW Dorky and Cocoa are so cute!
FigTree commented on 06/17/10