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Why are my baby cucumbers dying?

by gardengirl

My cucumber plant seems to be full of baby cukes, but shortly after the flower dies, so does the baby cuke.  What do I need to do?


vegetables, cucumbers, diseases


Darn it! I&#x27;m sorry to hear that they are dying. We wait all of this time for our veggie&#x27;s and to be so close.... I feel you...!!! <br/> <br/>Too hot of temp&#x27;s might be causing the flowers to fall off. If you are seeing actual cucumbers than I don&#x27;t think it would be pollination as it requires pollination to get fruit and it sounds like you got fruit! <br/> <br/>Be sure to NOT water over-head. Water the base of the plants. You might be getting some blossom rot. If you are wondering about pollination, plant some plants that will attract your pollinators if you haven&#x27;t done so already. <br/> <br/>Good growing to you~ <br/>Kristie
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 06/20/10
Thanks Kristie! I am sure glad I have a CSA box of veggies I get once a week because if we had to rely on my garden, we would starve!! It might be the heat (high 70's at night and near 100 during the day) - I think it's getting my tomatoes and zucchini too. Peppers, eggplant and herbs are doing well though! So, I am grateful for that!
gardengirl replied: on 06/21/10
do you have cucumber beetles...? there should be holes in the foliage if you do. that could be the problem, or they may not have been pollinated properly...
FigTree commented on 06/17/10
I have had the hardest time w/ cucumbers this year- they don&#x27;t even get to the stage you&#x27;re at! Just die off as small little seedlings :(
FigTree commented on 06/17/10
I was wondering about the pollination - there are a lot more male flowers vs female. Do I need to do some extra helping with a Qtip? Hmmmm. And yes, there are some leaves with yellowing and spots, not sure about the holes but I will check. Thanks -
gardengirl replied: on 06/17/10