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water gardening | releasing fish and scavengers into your pond

by dig the dirt editor

Releasing fish and scavengers into your pond



butterfly koi

Before adding fish, make sure to dechlorinate your water and treat your pond for bacteria and parasites before adding new fish. Follow these steps to unpack and release your fish into your water garden as quickly as possible.

1. float the unopened bag in your pond for 20 minutes.

2. slowly add small amounts of pond water to the bag to acclimate your fish to their new pH.

3. release your fish and scavengers into your water

  • you may need to use your hands to scoop the fish out and place them in their new home
  • do NOT add the water from the bag to your garden water.

4. wait 3 days or until the fish are actively swimming, to begin feeding

  • watch fish closely for signs of problems
  • after introducing your snails, they will sink to the bottom of your pond and may remain inactive for 7 to 10 days.


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I have had a snail explosion in my aquarium - can I put some of them in my fountain?
gardengirl commented on 06/17/10
yes! they are really good at keeping it clean... who knew??
FigTree replied: on 06/17/10
Awesome! Thanks!
gardengirl replied: on 06/17/10