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water gardening | planting oxygenating plants

by dig the dirt editor

Oxygenating plants


parrot's feather


These plants are usually supplied in unrooted cut bunches tied together. They may floated or secured on the bottom of the pond by a rock.

1. Plant the bunches in a cluster

  • do not untie
  • plant in shallow pots filled with light top soil- this is the ideal way to achieve the best growth and visual effect.

2. Place enough soil in the pot to cover the lower 1-2 inches of plant

  • then cover with a heavy layer (2-3 inches) of gravel.

3. Fertilize

  • once a month
  • some oxygenators, such as moneywort, anacharis and parrot's feather are semi-hardy and will rejuvenate in the following season.

4. Prune

  • to 2 inches in length in fall for best spring growth


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