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Planting Emergency!!!

by bulbguy

Saffron Crocus

Yep- you can grow your own saffron spice. Now is the time so you can get in on the fall blooming action.

One time I went to Whole Foods to get some ingredients for a recipe, one of those was SAFFRON, which is a spice that looks like tiny pieces of red thread.  Unfortunately I didn't realize that a mini package of this spice was (gulp!) about $30.00!  I could've gone out to dinner for that much- and no dishes!  But I made the decision that going and putting all the groceries back was too exhausting for words, sucked it up and cooked it.  Well, needless to say, I bought the spice again- it was such an amazing addition to the dish.

But now I can grow my own!  Saffron comes from the SAFFRON CROCUS, which is a bulb that you are supposed to plant NOW!  If you get it in the ground will bloom in and will be ready for harvest in late October/ November.  Make sure to put them in a hot, dry, and sunny spot in your garden, as the crocuses are usually grown in Spain (hot, dry, sunny).  

Once those pretty purple flowers come out of the ground all you have to do is take the small red "threads" out of the flower.  There should be three of these threads in each flower and you can remove them with small tweezers.  Make sure to dry them out on a cool clean surface before putting them in a small plastic baggy (don't forget to squeeze out all the air) or an airtight container.

Try this recipe with it when cooking: Carol's Arroz Con Pollo- YUM!

PICTURE FROM: High Altitude Gardening

Also take a look at YOU GROW GIRL blog about forcing bulbs.  Lot of Good info:


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This is what makes gardening so FUN!!!
bulbguy commented on 09/30/09
Oh, that is awesome! Thanks for the info!<br/>
gardengirl commented on 09/20/09
Thanks for the info on this- I am ordering these now! Save on the saffron later.
Seedling commented on 09/20/09