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harvesting swiss chard

by dig the dirt editor

This cold tolerant plant can handle a mild frost if mulched well!


Harvesting Swiss Chard


Swiss Chard, 'silverado'


How long does it take to grow?

  • 50-60 days until maturity

How do I harvest it?

  • When your leaves have gotten about 10" long cut cut the whole plant about 1 1/2" above the base of the plant and new leaves will emerge.
  • If you would like to use the leaves earlier just pick off outer leaves and leave inner ones to gorw larger.




Swiss Chard is one of my very favorites from the vegetable garden- I eat it braised with a little veggie stock all on its own, but gardengirl has just inspired me!!
FigTree commented on 06/16/10
I love swiss chard. Mine took awhile to get going but it is really going now - but about to be overrun by the golden zucchini, so I am going to harvest it this week. I have been eating it as a fritatta - saute some garlic or shallots with chopped chard stems until soft, add roughly chopped chard leaves until wilted. In another bowl, mix up a few eggs (3 - 6 depending on amount of chard) and stir in some olive tapanade (or just some chopped kalamata olives with crubled feta) and add the cooked chard. Stir to combine and put it all back in the oiled pan. Cook on the stove until set and then finish off under the broiler.
gardengirl commented on 06/14/10