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harvesting rat tail radish

by dig the dirt editor

Don't let the name put you off! This delightful vegetable looks and crunches like a bean but has the spicy bite of a regular radish. Harvesting this radish is not unlike harvesting a bean right off the vine. Gotta love it-easy to grow, easy to harvest!


Harvesting Rat Tail Radish



Rat Tail Radish from Lion Seeds


How long does it take to grow?

  • 55-65 days to maturity.
  • These radishes are grown like pea pods on a bush that you clip or pull off of the plant- they are NOT roots.

How do I harvest it?

  • Harvest when they are about 4"long and thin (about the thiness of a drinking straw).  Some say the thinner the tastier!
  • Use scissors to cut them off of the plant or pull off with your fingers gently.

Eat it!

  • These fun and spicy pods are great for any salad and can be used in a stir fry (throw them into the stir fry at the last minute and cook for no longer than a minute or two or they lose their flavor).




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That is sooo very cool. I am going to look for these -
gardengirl commented on 06/14/10