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it's been a while!

by Dawniemom

This photo was taken from my back door, roughly 100 ft away from the garden!

Leaves as big as my head! <br/>

Just a few weeks after having finally gotten most of my pre-seeded plants into the ground, our squash plants (I can't remember now if they're zucchini or summer squash) are exploding. The leaves are bigger than my head, and I'm wondering if all those pretty flowers that they produce will be leading the way to some yummy produce.

But wow - they're sure loving the full day's sunlight and generous helpings of water!



summer, vegetables, gardening, squash


so fun!! you are going to have lots and lots of whatever it is to cook with! I always find that there is so much zucchini and summer squash I don&#x27;t know what to do with it all! Last year I just baked it with parm cheese and the kids actually ate it :)
dig the dirt editor commented on 06/10/10
I have tons of recipes on my recipe blog that includes some form of zucchini or summer squash, including a delicious souffle-typethingie that is just TOO YUMMY for words!
Dawniemom replied: on 06/10/10