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Harvesting radish

by dig the dirt editor

These crunchy, yummy, spicy vegetables are a great addition to salads. Or you can pickle them or eat them straight from the garden!


Harvesting Radish



'cherry belle'






How long does it take?

  • for different types of radhishes they will take anywhere from 20-40 days to mature.
  • rule of thumb is the round shaped radish should be 1" in diameter and the long radishes should be 4" long when harvested.
  • Radishes are typically a very easy vegetable to grow that you can harvest and seed spring, summer and fall.

How do I do it?

  • This couldn't be easier!  Just pull it right out of the ground- simple stuff...

Eat it:

  • Radishes are great as an addition to salads to add a little bite, but can also be pickled and saved for later.
  • Leaves are also edible and can be added to stir fry, or to salads.


radish, cherry belle radish


Radishes are a GREAT companion plant to any of your salad greens. Plant aroud the edge of the bed. And don't forget to eat the tops of radishes, the greens are edible, too!
Spirit Horse Herbals commented on 06/10/10
Oh, those look wonderful! I tried radishes once but they were so hot they were inedible!! Any ideas why? I will try again this fall....
gardengirl commented on 06/10/10
They grow so quickly and I think they would work great in TX in the late fall... or even winter there!
dig the dirt editor replied: on 06/10/10
Yes, fall it will be! I have a pack of seeds ready to go in. I bought them to plant early this spring, but forgot....shame on me!
gardengirl replied: on 06/10/10