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how to plant a water lily

by dig the dirt editor

Rising from the water like a beautiful serpent of the deep, the buds and blooms of the water lily (Nymphaea) have captivated gardeners for centuries.



how to plant a water lily:

1. Place water lily in a plastic mesh plant basket. Spread out the roots to help them absorb nutrients.

2. Fill the basket with garden soil (with no peat, vermiculite, or perlite added) around the roots of the water lily and gently press soil around roots.

3. Pour pea gravel on top of the soil to stop the soil from leeching into the water.

4. Set the basket and water lily gently into the pond.

5. Try not to tip the plant as you lower it to the pond bottom.

6. Once your water lily is in place it may take a few weeks for it to acclimate.




water lily growing and care tips:

  • Water lilies like calm waters, so position them in your water garden away from sprays or fountains.


  • Most water lilies require at least six hours of full sunlight a day.


  • Water lilies are heavy feeders, so feed your plants with fertilizer in easy-to-use time release tablets once a month.


  • It's time to repot your water lily when the leaves start covering each other in the water and the number of blooms decrease.
  • Regularly remove dead water lily blossoms and yellowing leaves (pinch, not pull) to prevent decomposition in the pond.


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