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Gourds for fall

by FigTree

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Gourds + Fall= Happiness!

There is something about the gourd and I don't know what it is, but the shape, the texture they are just cool little numbers.  How many things can you buy, put next to your door and say "DONE!"  I am all about those easy decorations that spice life up a teeny bit, but it doesn't take a whole day for it- hello, who has the time? I am more of a DIY in 10 minutes kind of Gal.

Some ideas for Gourds this year.....

Scoop it

1. Scoop out your gourd (Harder shelled ones work better)

2. Fill with water

3. put cut flowers in it and make it look pretty

4. Done!

Light it

1. Scoop out your gourd (again harder is better)

2. Put a candle that sticks out of the top in it

3. Let it shine and look pretty in the candlelight!

Drill it

1. Collect gourds of all different shapes and sizes (keep it on the smallish side of things)

2. Drill a hole at the top of the gourd (Not tippity top, but couple inches down)

3. Put ribbon or string through the hole

4. Hang on tree branches for a chandelier type of effect.


Just some easy crafty projects I think are super duper fun and I am doing them this year for sure!  Check back for some pictures...


gourds, autumn, fall, fall leaves


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