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Understand Instagram Market Trends

by sophiemaier


Ever since the day Facebook bought Instagram back in 2012 we have seen Instagram evolve and come up with astonishing features. More currently we have seen the introduction of Instagram stories in 2017 and hashtags in 2018 making it easier for its user to have the best experience.

For retailers and brands, this is open season to take themselves to the next level. In this short briefing, InstaGrowing experts will discuss some of the best trends that will boost you to a whole new level.

Bring your services to your users.

Instagram recently added a feature that enables retailers to add links of their online shops enabling the users to access goods and services and enable them to purchase the items without moving through other applications other than Instagram.

Your brands’ face is your profile.

First impressions are always important and planning your feed is just as important as your website homepage. Planning on your posts in advance gives you an edge enabling you to have a pre-vision of how your Instagram feed will look like and what is expected. Schedule every post and use similar edits and filters to make followers understand what it is you are offering and also attract new followers.

Your secret weapon.

With the introduction of Instagram stories, it brings with it a whole new phase of advertisement, Insta Stories Advertisement. You get a whole 24 hours to advertise your brand to your followers and create awareness of your services and offers. This increases your site visits and earns you more followers and recommendations.

Be aware of digital rights.

User-generated content is basically the core of Instagram posts and in order to avoid lawsuits and public relation storms, it is important for retailers and brands to understand digital rights. Asking permission to repost someone's image is one way to avoid all these disasters and put you on the safer side.

 Small is not always bad.

Lately, marketers have started using influencers with 100 – 1000 followers to support and market their products and services. The question is why? A simple answer is that these accounts have gained a sort of trust and what they say is mostly taken as a recommendation rather than an advertisement. This is a trend that is quickly catching on and might just be the next big thing for advertisement.

Numbers tell more stories.

Analytics seem so complex and difficult to track. With tools such as Best Time to Post, you have an edge over time periods that will put your post at the top of the pile and get the most eyes on it rather than just randomly putting up posts. Demand for more and more data and figure will eventually bring more analytical tools into the scene making work easier for retailers and brand managers.

Instagram has created a whole new world with some amazing features for both users and retailers. The above trends will give you an upper hand over your competition and help you understand your new market more.


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