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Anyone know what kind of mushroom this is?

by gardengirl

This mushroom is growing out of a cedar post by my front door.  Any ideas on what it is?

Strange mushroom


mystery plant


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marcydiané commented on 06/01/12
Couldn&#x27;t positively identify from any pictures in my mushroom guide but in my quest I found a site with the most amazing photographs of fungi. Take a look <br/> <br/>
Barbara commented on 12/14/10
That site is amazing! I can't believe some of the mushrooms are purple. I loved the one called "old man's beard." What an amazing variety! Who knew! Thank for the link.
gardengirl replied: on 12/16/10
That looks like a fungus (mushroom family, doubt that it&#x27;s edible) that has grown at base of the cedar because something either inside or underneath the cedar is dead. What you are looking at is actually the &#x27;fruiting body&#x27; of the rest of the organism. They thrive on rotting, decaying material.
FloraGal62 commented on 06/19/10
Gross! Thanks for the info!
gardengirl replied: on 06/19/10
Is this the first yr. or has it grown before?
flowerlady replied: on 08/31/10
Very cool looking... I have a friend who&#x27;s a mushroom hunter and aficionado, so I&#x27;ll ask him :-).
chief cultivator commented on 05/28/10
Thanks - I look forward to hearing the answer!
gardengirl replied: on 05/30/10
Cliff - was your mushroom hunter able to identify my mushroom? The pill bugs are loving it. Just curious! Thanks.
gardengirl replied: on 06/17/10