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Portulacas are in!

by Dawniemom


portulaca = moss rose = gorgeous color!

We (and I DO mean my son) put some of the portulacas in that I picked up this weekend last night.  Portulacas are definitely one of my favorite flowers for the garden. They produce such vibrantly colored blooms, and they rebloom over and over.  

I actually have 18 of them to put in, but since I've put so many other varieties of flowers in the flower bed itself, I think I'm going to put some more in a hanging basket for the back deck.  They spread as they rebloom, so I think that will look beautiful in a hanging basket.  The basket I have in mind has a coconut liner in it, so I think the colors will work beautifully together, and help bring some color to the back of the house.

Portulacas are considered an annual, but as the blooms die and dry, the produce seed pods - and if you remove the seeds, you can keep them for your next planting but they also fall into the soil, and they'll reseed by themselves!  It's a plant that keeps on planting!


(ps - not my photo!)




I love these plants - I had a friend one time call them a 'party in a basket.' I too have a coconut lined basket with a few small plants growing in it! Great minds think alike! I also put some in the pot with my hibiscus (along with some sedum....) Portulaca is a wonderful summer bloomer.
gardengirl commented on 05/26/10
These are so beautiful and I actually HAVE a coconut lined basket as well hanging and ready for some plants- these would look great-- do you think they would overflow a little over the side of the hanging basket??
FigTree commented on 05/25/10
That's what I'm hoping will happen. I know when I planted them in the ground, they spread out and filled up the empty space, so I'm guessing the same will happen in the basket. I only put 4 plants in, and I'm hoping they will fill the space I've left for them :) Now to figure out where the rest will go! A few didn't make the EXCEEDINGLY rainy weekend in the little plastic pots so I need to rescue the rest LOL
Dawniemom replied: on 05/26/10