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Succulent plant wall; A bit of a different way to do containers.

by FigTree

Garden on your fence!
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Succulent Plant Wall

Even though I now live in Seattle, I used to live in LA and was a major succulent fan.  Couldn't get enough! Succulents are the easiest plants to grow, as well as reproduce and make into garden art!  Love love love succulents and are so great year round and use little water which is perfect for southern California.  The plant wall also deters any kind of pests or disease being high off the ground.

Check my garden wall in LA- it ruled and I was completely obsessed with the rectangular wooden boxes my husband made and hung on our fence.  Perfect for a renter to take with them when they leave.

I have been thinking about how I'm going to revamp my rental this fall and I am thinking succulents may be the way to go.  Cheap n' easy- that's my style!

Hope you like it!



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this is a really cool idea. looks like a lot of work to get it started--- is it hard? i don't have a handy husband...
butterfly commented on 03/19/10
Oh, I really like that fence. My fence around the veggie garden isn't solid, but I made some 2 1/2' boxes out of the extra lumber i had, I think you've inspired me to make some more, be a heck of a good place for my herbs. Thanks.
INGrandad commented on 10/25/09
It worked incredibly well- this was when we were in california, so succulents really worked great. We had mini drip lines in them as well to keep them watered so they wouldn't dry out. Make sure to show them when you're done!
FigTree replied: on 10/25/09
It was also so super easy, as they don't really need to be watered- just the rain did it for us and a little watering help when we were having super duper hot weather and no rain. They really took off for us.
FigTree commented on 10/13/09
Fig Tree, this is a wonderful space! I love the idea of the boxes on the fence. I have a 6' wooden privacy absolute necessity as our neighbors in the back are close to the property line. I'm always trying to dress it up...the boxes are perfect and the succulents can take the heat that can build up along the fence row. GREAT idea, and pretty!
Lily commented on 09/28/09
I love the boxes on the fence - what a great idea!
gardengirl commented on 09/16/09