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Hibiscus help

by Maggie Tate (gardengirl)

hibiscus bloom

My hibiscus leaves are yellowing and falling off.  i see some webs and am wondering if spider mites are getting it.  I read about spraying 1:1 rubbing alcohol/water solution on the leaves.  Has anyone ever tried that?



I agree sounds like spider mites and if not mites, then it has gotten too dry and that may have happened a couple of days ago.
krhodes commented on 06/01/10
Thanks -I wondered about the heat and if it was getting a little too much Texas sun!
gardengirl replied: on 06/02/10
Sounds like spider mites to me too. I find the insecticidal soap's work great. I've seen spider mites on some of my plant's foliage already too which is unusual....must be a big year for them!
safeharbor commented on 05/26/10
Thanks! I will head out to get some insecticidal soap today!
gardengirl replied: on 05/26/10
think it might be spider mites- so it&#x27;s either pesticides or insecticidal soap... <br/> <br/>anyone else have ideas??
FigTree commented on 05/25/10