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HELP! My "Princess Diana of Whales" is struggling with black spot.

by Shawna Michels (veggiegirl)

I only garden organically so I'm hoping someone out there can help me with an environmentally friendly way to rid this black spot before my Diana rose is completely naked. I've cleaned up all the contaminated leaves and I only water with a soaker.  What can I spray on her to get her foliage to grow back in, all green and shiny?  So, far my other roses are free of this leaf stripping demon......for the time being anyway.



FROM FACEBOOK FANS!! <br/> <br/>Tanya says: <br/>milk,but it won&#x27;t erase the spots all ready there you must keep it up to keep it healthy. <br/> <br/>Julie says: <br/>Use Wilt-Pruf. It is an anti-transpirant that coats black spot spores, and neutralizes it. It is just a food grade wax, so it is organic as well. Remove all the suspect foliage, apply a dose of fish emulsion or something to help boost the plant along, and then apply the Wilt Pruf as a spray, diluted at half the recommended rate. Make sure to ... See Morespray the backs of the leaves as well. Spray once a week, as the leaves reemerge to fully get all those pesky spores. You leaves will look shiny and great afterwards. It is odd that Princess of Wales got it so bad, she is normally a hardy girl. Rake up around the bottom of the plant, and remulch with new mulch, to further remove any contaminant.
FigTree commented on 05/25/10
Have you tried spraying apple cider vinegar (5 TBS) to 1 gallon of water on it? Have heard good things...
FigTree commented on 05/25/10
This one I haven't tried. I will tomorrow, thanks.
veggiegirl replied: on 05/25/10